Project Data Management for Construction

The Simple, Useful, Meaningful construction management solution your organization has been craving.

Digital Transformation

Avoid Delays & Cost Overruns

Process Management for Construction

Construction projects can be complicated

But managing them doesn’t have to be.

Bring together all the moving parts. In one place. Using software that was custom-designed by experienced construction industry insiders.

Why us?

We can deliver our clients better return on investment + a better user experience. At the same time.

Big promises. But here’s how Novologic makes that possible.

Purpose built for construction, From The Ground Up – Novologic leaves behind all the things that people who work on construction projects don’t get value from.

Cloud native – not adapted, or a legacy product trying to replicate its outdated feature set online. Novologic is digital-first by design.

Quality data, easily accessible – a single end to end source of truth for complex projects. All while being simple to use for everyone who needs that truth to do their job well.

Get Time Back – efficiency. Sounds good, but what exactly does it mean for you? For Novologic users, it’s getting time back in their day by automating workflows and being able to find data easily.

Construction powered by processes, and data


Novologic ups the game for everyone in construction. Built to scale, the Novologic software can be used simultaneously by all stakeholders in a construction project.

Construction Management Firms

General Contractors



Architecture / Engineering Firms

Law Firms

Banks and Insurance Firms

Government Agencies