Project Drive

Project Drive is a one-stop, cloud-based, all-inclusive content storage and management system for your construction projects.

A central repository of project documents & data that all parties in construction projects can use. Features like security, backup, sync allow project members to access and share documents with customizable access controls.

Elevate your work management with Project Drive, allowing agile tagging, archiving, and retrieval with proficiency.

Project Drive’s mobility and single sign-on make collaboration secure and effortless – anywhere with anyone on any device.

Simultaneous editing of any document, full-text search, including OCR, simplifies your teamwork.

With robust security and control, Project Drive complies with frameworks such as GDPR, and HIPAA.

Audit Trail, and Unlimited Version History

  • Track changes made to your documents & data – undo changes if needed. 

  • Comprehensive audit Trail is available.

  • Previous versions are kept indefinitely.

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Project Drive is a cloud based content storage and management system. Project Drive is designed to be a one stop, all inclusive system for managing documents & data for construction projects.

Project Drive acts as a central repository for project documents & data, and can be used by all parties in construction projects.

In addition to storage, Project Drive provides security, backup, and sync. Project Drive allows users to access and share content in the cloud – and sync such content across devices as needed.

 The features and benefits of Project Drive are listed below.

Content Management

  • Cloud storage, backup, and sync documents – alternative to FTP

  • Management of documents over project lifecycle

  • Version control, and audit records

  • Central document repository with customizable user access controls

  • Share, receive, transfer files with customizable user access controls

  • Document classification with agile tagging

  • Document archiving, and retrieval

  • Web publishing

​​Efficiency with Collaboration

  • Seamless mobility

  • Single Sign-On (SSO)

  • Effortless collaboration – secure collaboration with anyone, anywhere, on any device

  • Simplified teamwork – simultaneous editing of documents, spreadsheets, presentations, drawings, forms, and other file formats

  • Ability to share, export, re-produce documents

  • Full text search including OCR, meta data, and other attributes

  • Workflows – simplified workflows

  • Notifications, and reminders

  • Digital signature, e-signature

  • Automation – error reduction and time savings by automation of manual and repetitive tasks

  • Powered by machine learning, and AI algorithms


  • Total visibility and control

  • IT administration

  • Security & Compliance – privacy, and protection

  • Encryption

  • HIPAA compliance


  • Seamless integration with other modules on the Novologic platform

  • Developer tools and APIs

  • API based integration with leading third party apps

    Novologic Project Drive at a Glance


    Project Drive streamlines the storage and access of project documents & data for all project members.


    Novologic allows you to have an ability to assign different access levels to files and folders to different teams, and projects members and teams. With robust security controls and governance policies, organizations can easily comply with regulations, and best practices for handling data.


    Features like collaborative working, version control, workflows help project members to stay on top of existing and new content. Project Drive lets project members take back control.


    With Project Drive’s Common Data Environment (CDE), errors and delays are weeded out, and efficient workflows are realized.