Novologic is a software for the management of construction projects

It is purpose-built SaaS platform which provides end-to-end Data Science for construction

It brings together the following “moving parts” as a single, seamless, integrated experience:

  • People
  • Organizations – Team, Clients, Vendors 
  • Communication
  • Material & Equipment
  • Schedule
  • Budget & Financials
  • Processes
  • Reporting 

Novologic integrates Scope, Time, and Cost in the planning, execution, and closeout of construction projects. Saves time and facilitates completion of projects within budget. The software ensures that all users in construction project environments have reliable and required access to common data.

Our Mission

To eliminate inefficiencies and wastefulness in construction – industry, and processes – step by step, one by one.

To unlock value for all stakeholders in construction projects.