A new spin at project management: avant garde process management, meticulous and interconnected tracking, and painless project reporting.

Project Drive

Project Drive is a one-stop, cloud-based, all-inclusive content storage and management system for your construction projects.

Project Directory

Keep track of everything using Project Directory. It’s a cloud-based central repository that keeps an account – from the name, role, address to assigning privileges to team members.

Submittal Tracker

Easily preload a list of Submittals at the start of the project, or at any time thereafter Create and send Submittals

RFI Tracker

RFIs are rites of passage and serve as tools of auditable communication in construction projects. Novologic removes…

Variation Event Tracker

Variation Events are rites of passage and serve as tools of auditable communication in construction projects…

Change Manager

Change Manager – A positive experience for all stakeholders that streamlines the change management process for construction projects.

Weather Log

Novologic’s Weather Log provides your team with a weekly forecast that gives a high degree of certainty about…

Material Tracker

Material Tracker reshapes the construction projects’ material management system to a paperless material management system.


Novologic Timesheets puts the power of paperless timesheets into the palm of every user’s hand. Know your job…

Equipment Tracker

Equipment tracker – an automated, holistic approach to keeping track of assets and equipment. Know…


Novologic’s Scribble is a minimalist tool that fulfils all the note-taking capabilities within a construction business…

Task Manager

Once created, important information like – description, attachments, interdependencies, due dates, cost information, etc…

Photo Feed

Novologic’s Photo feed is an invaluable tool for project documentation that captures the progress of the onsite…

Schedule Keeper

Set the pace of your work with Novologic – ensure completion of projects on time and within budget. Outline the speed of your work and tasks execution.

DSL (Daily Site Log)

DSL’s modular nature keeps everyone on the same page. With the power of Novologic’s platform, it is effortless…

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